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My Top 3 Reading ACT Test Tips

After teaching ACT Prep for the last 14 years in public schools and for private companies, these are my top 3 Reading ACT test tips. Many students don’t finish this section and potentially causing a steep drop in their score. Here are 3 tips that can help you when taking the ACT Reading test.

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ACT English Test: The Only 3 Grammar Rules to Know

It is nearly impossible to know every grammar rule in the English language in order to get ready for the ACT English Test. So, picture this, it is the night before the test and you are doing some last minute studying and you are trying to cram in every grammar and rhetoric rule you remember from English class.

Too often I have had students who get caught up in knowing every minor detail of grammar that it prevents them from focussing on the 3 key things they need to know for the ACT English Test.

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