It’s the end of a great year! 2020 starts my 6th year on TPT. I posted my first product on February 28, 2014, and that product has been my best-selling product each and every year. So, without further ado – here are my best-selling products of 2019.

ACT English Test Prep

This is a 3-page guide to the ACT English test. It reviews grammar, rhetoric, and style rules for the ACT. I have used it in my own classroom and in ACT review sessions for 14 years, making small changes here and there. I like to have students take the test in sections, then as we go through answers they make a mark on the rules they missed. This then serves to visually show them what they need to go back and study/review in more depth. I wrote a blog post on my Top 3 Grammar Rules to Know and the Top 3 Tips for the ACT Reading Test if you want to check them out.

The Taming of the Shrew Unit

This is a unit bundle that took a lot of time and love and I’m very proud of it. It includes study guides, quizzes, a final test, vocabulary, reading activities for each act, movie guides, quote posters, literary analysis, and feminism/gender activities. It includes 164 pages of materials.

Growing Greek Mythology Unit

This is a growing unit of all my Greek Mythology resources. As of today, I have 375 pages of materials – powerpoints, notes, myths, and movie guides. I plan to include more close reading myths and connections with the heroic journey (which is included in this bundle). When I have it all completed, I will complete the scope and sequence for a term and semester. When I teach it, I have enough for a semester but have to teach it all within a quarter. I’m also excited because I plan on starting a podcast in 2020 all about Mythology – I just love teaching this!

Clash of the Gods Mega Bundle

I love, love, love using these videos in my Mythology class. The History Channel did such a good job of breaking down the myths and adding a historical perspective. They ask the question: Could this myth be based on something historical? It is fascinating! These guides are great for a substitute, to add in historical information, or when you might not have time to read the myth. They include study questions, note sheets, and a quiz – with answer keys.

AP Lit and AP Lang Textual Analysis Graphic Organizers

AP Lit and AP Lang Textual Analysis Graphic Organizers from Education is Powerful

I’m so happy these made it into the top 5 products this year. They are new this year and I worked hard to make these graphic organizers visually appealing. They include note sheets for students as well as blank graphic organizers. I use them in my own AP Lang class and students find them clear and easily understood. It really does help them break down texts to write their rhetorical analysis essays.

Okay – that’s all of my top products for 2019. I hope you found something that can help you in your classroom!